Aerial drone Photography Survey

Utilizing precision orthophotographic and digital terrain models, it is possible to implement various application functions such as three-dimensional coordinate extraction (ground calculation), distance measurement, area calculation, quantity calculation, and CAD drawing production.

Drone mapping system process and result extraction

Flight plan

Flight and data acquisition

Image processing

and accuracy


3D model & orthographic production

Aerial drone photography survey is a technology that acquires high-resolution images, automatically processes with SIFT technique, generates 3D point cloud using SfM technique, and then generates orthoimage, DSM, and DTM.



Pix4D Mapper, Agisoft Photoscan, Bentelysystem Context Capture, Mencisoftware APS 

Using various post-processing programs, we produce accurate orthoimages, DSM, DEM,

and digital topographic maps.

Data Compatibility

Index map

geoTIFF (.tiff), .shp

Orthomosaic raster

geoTIFF (.tiff), KML tiles (.png/.kml)

Digital surface model (DSM)

geoTIFF (.tiff)

3D point cloud

.las, .laz, .ply, .ascii

3D mesh with texture

Wavefront (.obj)

Contour lines

.dxf, .shp

Google Maps / Mapbox tiles

KML tiles (.png/.kml)

Undistorted images