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Geospatial information, which has been highly innovative through the convergence of new technologies, will serve as the foundation for building three-dimensional spatial information data in all business areas.



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Our company spatial information provides information on the location of all precise spaces, such as design/construction/maintenance, for the construction and management of u-national and u-city.

It has developed and possesses advanced spatial information deployment equipment such as Unmanned Flight System (UAV) and ground 3-D Laser Scanner and MMS.

Using this technology, we provide 3D spatial information data for various fields with reliable technology.

Developed and possessed advanced spatial information construction equipment

Acquire accurate basic data based on reliable technology

Providing 3D spatial information data

Especially, unmanned aerial system has the best technology in Korea based on many years of operation technology and image processing technology.

In the future, we will contribute to standardized spatial information services on various spatial information acquisition methods and DB construction techniques by researching, developing new systems through merging and combining with other industries with a higher and wider view.


In addition, the Department of Maritime is conducting ocean physics and ecosystem surveys with researchers equipped with cutting-edge marine research equipment and cutting-edge technology.

We faithfully carry out various duties including coastal erosion monitoring using unmanned aircraft developed by our headquarters.

All executives and employees will strive to provide high-precision data in related fields and provide a solid foundation for the development of new construction technologies through endless creativity and spirit of challenge for the spatial information society.

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