Precision Agriculture Consulting


Average NDVI by area

It captures farmland using various sensors that can be loaded on drone and collects monitoring information of crops growth through analysis of obtained data, and applies and expands precision agriculture such as yield forecast and replaces labor shortage due to rural aging.

We will move forward as a leader in the realization of smart agriculture.

Mapping of crop growth information through vegetation index (NDVI)

Image Matching

Orthographic image + current status + NDVI image

Video overlap for video scale unification

Layer classification by cultivated crops

Video Boundary Segmentation

Crop cultivation area boundary division

Removal of NDVI indexes other than cultivation areas such as farm roads, drainage roads.

Attribute value extraction

Area by farmland, NDVI Index Extraction

Extraction index Maximum, minimum, average value calculation

Output data input

NDVI index, maximum, minimum, average, area